In Support of Indie Authors

Raise your hand if you have never read a self-published book. Yep, my hand is in the air.

When adding to my reading repertoire I typically go for whatever is free convenient. (My library card has a lot of miles on it.). But now that I am writing my own YA novel, I begin to understand how difficult it is to be noticed by a literary agent, let alone a publishing house. There is a very real chance that I will end up self-publishing and honestly, that situation seems pretty bleak. Self-publishing feels like sending my novel to the grave and the publishing fees I accumulate will be money spent at its wake. My goal is to shed some light or “illuminate” a few self-published books that may not be getting the attention they deserve.

I’ve always been a huge fan of supporting small businesses, and writing a book is an entrepreneurship. If I am buying my duds from a boutique second-hand shop down the street, I can probably spend a little money on Amazon to buy a self-published book. Sometimes indie authors will GIVE YOU their book just to gain some exposure.


I am going to add a few indie authors to my book review rotation on Illuminated Literation. In the cruel, cold, world of publishing, authors need help. They pour blood, sweat, and beer into their manuscripts and damn it, their words deserve to be read. Also, I hope karma does me a good turn and people will read my book one day.

Okay, I sheathed my crusade sword.

Do you have a book that you self-published? Have you read a self-published book that you recommend? Please comment below and let me know the title, author, and where it’s available.

Fiercely yours,

Rachel McKee

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Author: Rachel McKee

I love reading about everything. I'm not a book snob. Lately I have been "reading" a lot of picture books to my toddler and baby. In my past life before motherhood, I was a professional technical editor and writer.

22 thoughts on “In Support of Indie Authors”

  1. I’m more than half way through “Pathfinders”, by Aiden J. Reid…can be downloaded for free from Amazon (I reading it on Kindle). It is very suspenseful and scary and wonderful!!!!!! So wonderful of you to give a shout-out to indie authors….I am sure that you will be a rousing success when you release your novel…you know I will be all over it 🙂 Thanks for being a joy and bright light 🙂

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  2. One. I read a book called The Book of Thompson by David Larkin. I actually read the pre-publication manuscript. It was a great read.

    Basically the title is a play on The Book of Mormon. It tells the tale of a young boy whose family was split up because his mother left the Mormon church and thus her highly devout Mormon husband as she refused to subject himself to his rules. I think it is available on Amazon now. I highly recommend it.

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  3. Thank you so much for bringing this up. Yup, this is my exact problem, too – currently, as a stay at home mom, I have a fair amount of time to write, but not the money to complete the self-publishing cycle. At the moment, I’ve completed a collection of short stories – which I first “advertised” on my own blog – and I have yet to make it to the copy center to finish my task. But, because money is an issue, I don’t want to put in a huge order at the copy center before I know I have at least x number of orders waiting on my blog… You get the idea. (For now, I’m just calling it “The Invisible Moth Short Story Day Collection” by Daley Downing.) That is where access is currently found to the collection, but I hope to have the booklets ready to be mailed by August 31st. I’d be over the moon if you’d take the time to read and review!

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    1. Great point Ellen, you are absolutely correct. I have this misconception that if a publishing house is backing my story, it will add credibility to the marketing of my book. That may or may not be true, but each writer’s journey is unique, whatever publishing route is taken.


  4. I totally share your sentiment of feeling like you’re sending your novel baby to the grave with self-publishing, regardless of how many “good” books there are buried out there in that chaotic self-pubbed slush. And I love this idea for a blog post, a review/support indie authors post. I will have to do this for some of the indie/self-pubs I’ve read recently.

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  5. As an indie author, I feel your pain! But I certainly haven’t read enough indie myself… If you like paranormal action thriller, I really recommend AD Starrling’s Seventeen series… For short story suspense, Marcy Kennedy’s collection Frozen took my breath away… In terms of YA, if you’ve not heard of them already through WANA, try Myndi Shafer – she’s released Hanna Hanna One-and-Two and the Shrilugh saga… And Beth Tehlio’s Order of Seven is doing crazy well… My first book’s a dystopian thriller called The Night Butterflies, and I’m hoping to break even one day :p Love your site, nice to meet you!

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      1. Im glad you enjoyed the post and have added some new books to your reading list. I’m currently reading Haven River by Casey Fae Hewson (another indie author). I’m 5 chapters in and it’s really good so far! You can read it for free on a website called 24symbols. I will review all of the self-published books that I read.

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  6. Such an honest, caring post Rachel! Thanks for sharing this message.

    I just finished a good indie book, The Afterlife of Alyx and Israel, by Hannah Peach. If you enjoy the fantasy adventure genre, you’d probably dig it. Admittedly, the genre isn’t my favorite, but the writing is such a high quality that it can stand outside of its genre.

    I’d love to read your book, when the time comes! Wishing you great progress and a warm reception.

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      1. That’s right, thanks for remembering! I’m hoping to release my novel within the next month.

        Definitely! I would say keep me posted, but your blog already does that! = D

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