Life Update

Hi guys, wow it has been a minute since I last posted!

I interviewed and was offered a part-time Pilates job at a local gym. I’m super excited to start. I’m hoping to make a Pilates video on YouTube and I’ll post it here if I do.

I haven’t been doing much writing (sadly).

Life has resumed back to normal after the holidays.

How are you all doing?

I’m on Twitter frequently and if you have your own account I’d love for you to reach out! My Twitter is @Rachel_McKee.

Xo Rachel

Author: Rachel McKee

I love reading about everything. I'm not a book snob. Lately I have been "reading" a lot of picture books to my toddler and baby. In my past life before motherhood, I was a professional technical editor and writer.

25 thoughts on “Life Update”

  1. Hi Rachel – I have recently been undergoing intensive treatment for cancer, which effectively took me offline for a couple of months. I have recently blogged about some of my experiences since becoming ill:
    I am slowly starting to recover from the battering I have taken and have reached the stage of being able to prepare basic meals for myself. This post struck a chord with a number of people:

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  2. Hey Rachel! How’s it going with you? How’s your little ones?? Pilates instructor sounds super exciting and can’t wait to watch your YouTube. I’ve been binge watching Suits and has been very unproductive with posting myself. 😂 Would love to see you back one day. Have a great weekend.😊

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    I just got back from tibet!!! Pilates I HAVE A STORY
    So i had a spine injury while traveling and had to be brought back home. The Castle doctor asked me to call in a pysio or told me to strengthen my back and do pilates, and they looked easy but THEY’RE NOT JEEZ.
    Anyway, the new job sounds great, how’s it going ?

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    1. So sorry to hear of your injury! Yes – Pilates sounds simple and is simple in concept, but as with most things, the success is in the details.

      We’ve had a TON of snow for over a week so I’ve only been able to teach one class. It was great though! I hope you feel better. I hope the Pilates helps!

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      1. PILATES WAS A LILLIL SHIT TO ME, my back collapsed worse after it. It’s better now. OOOHHHH SNOW have you made a snowman ? Please tell me you did

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      2. Ok – I didn’t want to contradict your doctor bc clearly he has the credentials, but honestly I was pretty shocked he recommended Pilates for a spinal injury.

        Yes we did build a snowman!⛄️

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      3. My physio recommended the pilates, I think she was a little sadistic. YAY WHAT DID YOU NAME THE SNOWMAN!!!!



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