Mini Beer Review: Stiegl

This one is for you, Lynn, over at The Inked Autist.

We have a four-pack of Stiegl beer. There are two flavors: “Radler” and “Gold”.

Lets start with the Radler. (Grapefruit flavor.)


In short, I hate it. (But terrible memories make me biased.)

One sip and I’m punched with the flavor of Smirnoff Ice. Memories of high school and puking out of the passenger-side of a Geo Metro, come rushing back at me.

To be fair, anything that slightly touches on “malt-beverage” makes me heave.

My husband really likes it though.

Now, the Gold.


It is pretty darn good. Light and refreshing. It has a clean taste and isn’t bitter. I will definitely drink it again.

The Stiegl story is pretty darn cool. It’s been privately owned since 1492. According to their website, Stiegl is Austria’s largest and most successful private brewery.  They use local, raw materials to craft their beers.

Yes, I will buy more Stiegl, but I will avoid anything with “malt”.


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