Pumpkin Patchin’ It Up!

The kids and I visited a local pumpkin patch yesterday with some of my amazing girlfriends.

My son of course found the biggest pumpkin he could find. (Guys, I paid $20 for a pumpkin.🤦🏻‍♀️) They’re only a kid with big pumpkin wishes once though, right?

My daughter was more sensible with her pumpkin selection. (Thank you for the photo Keisha.😉)

Do you like to visit your local farms? This is pretty much heaven to me.



Hi Friends!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been busy doing some freelance writing for our local newspaper the Everett Herald. I got to write an article for women’s day and I just completed an article for local holiday bazaars.

I’ve been considering getting certified to teach Pilates. I’ve been so happy and dedicated with my daily Pilates, I’m starting to think I should try to make a living with this passion.

How is everyone else doing?

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