Shakespeare Fail

I woke up Friday morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to get a good start at my “real job” and then come home and work on my book. I bought a large white board for the office and let the ideas flow. (Outlining will be the topic of my next blog post.) I was really excited for Saturday because I was going to the Island Shakespeare Festival. Every weekend they feature a Shakespeare performance and we were going to see Richard III. I am embarrassed to admit that even though I was an English major I haven’t read ANY Shakespeare. I hear he is a big deal in the literary world? Although I was obsessed with this quote in high school after watching Romeo+Juliet. I had it tapped to my wall for years,
Quotes from Romeo And Juliet (3)

Anyway, Miles and I boarded the Kititat ferry from Mukilteo to Whidbey Island, it’s a short 15 minute ride. This was a busy weekend with campers, hikers, wedding attendees, and everyone looking for a little local adventure. After snapping some pictures on the deck we walked back to our car with a fine sheen of mist and salt coating our skin.

Before the play we did a short hike out to Fort Ebey with our friend Ben who writes for the local paper. As you can surmise, Ben’s local knowledge was a major bonus to our day.  If you have never been to Fort Ebey, I highly recommend making it a point to visit. The rolling fields and ocean cliff side are simply dreamy.

We rushed to get dinner and make it to the venue on time, but we failed. Richard III was already five minutes in by the time we made it to the front gate, and tardiness was not acceptable. Lesson learned, sometimes in life you can’t be late. So we hung our heads and walked away.

But alas! We had food and we had wine in our backpacks and we decided to make the most of the day. The three of us sat down in the center of Langley and talked about family and friendship. We talked about my book, the holes and gaps and how I am trying to fit the pieces together. I told them both that I worried it would be another YA literary heap-o-garbage. Not even voicing my worst and most obvious fear that my story will be ignored, looked over, passed by. Ben assured me, “I will review your book, and I will not let you attempt to publish crap!” This reassured me immensely, because I know Ben, and he would indeed never let me turn in crap. My unvoiced concern…well that is just a very harsh and very possible reality.

We moved to the beach and sat on a bench  where we passed a Nalgene bottle of red wine and talked about our careers, and how we viewed them. We noted that I  focused on the past and my journey, Ben focuses on the present, and Miles looks towards a future where maybe he can escape spreadsheets and live through his lens (he is an amazing photographer). We laughed when we contemplated what this said about us and our lives.

The hell if we know.

The three of us ended our evening back in Everett at The Cannery. We got to see more great friends and listen to the power vocals of the band Joseph (always a treat to hear live).

Sometimes the best days happen by mistake. Even though I am sure the performance of Richard III would have been entertaining, I think it is a rare gift to spend unforced, quality time with people who matter most in your life. Those moments and those people are what inspire me to just.keep.writing.

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