Picture Pick FriYAY!: Washington State Highway 2

Good morning friends,

Not much new to report here. I’ve been a little MIA this week. I have to blame HBO’s Westworld for being such an intriguing distraction.

I will be hosting Sunday Social here again this Sunday. (For the record on the Sundays where I know I will be busy IRL, I cancel Sunday Social.) I just want to make sure I can engage with my guests and not just drop a post. I will try to post a cancellation message on the Sundays that I cannot host.

For Picture FriYAY I chose some photos that Miles took on his hike at Steven’s Pass. Most of the images are from the drive up (and down). They were taken on Highway 2.

Have a wonderful weekend, I hope to see you all on Sunday.♥


Washington Woods
Washington Woods
Highway 2 Washington State
Highway 2 Washington State
Deception Falls Washington State
Deception Falls Washington State
Deception Falls Washington State
Deception Falls Washington State

Airport Art: Taijitu


Airport Art: Taijitu

The black horse falls,

in a twisting stand-still motion.

Miniature men holding strong,

with ropes of desperation.

The white horse climbs,

up the bodies of small men.

Struggling past the black horse,

a battle locked in time.

Neither the victor,

stuck in limbo.

The power is balanced.

I wrote this poem when I was eighteen or nineteen years old. I was sitting in the airport waiting to board my plane to Massachusetts. I was writing a story for an English class when I noticed a painting on the wall. I flipped to a blank page in my notebook and started jotting down a poem to describe the painting. There were two horses, one black, and one white. The two horses were much larger than the men that were trying to catch the black horse as he fell, and the men who were trying to restrain the white horse as he climbed upward. I can still picture ever detail ten years later. The painting was vividly violent, but a beautiful display of power and struggle.

I’ve tried to find the painting over the years with no such luck.

-Rachel McKee

Cover Image Found Here.

Horse Image Found Here.