Picture Pick FriYAY: Snohomish, WA

Good morning readers,

I’m currently typing one-handed while holding Hayden with the other. (Please excuse typos.)

I also caught the cold that I have been dodging for weeks. Seems like everyone has been sick.

Luckily, I can still host a virtual party without serving my germs as a party favor. I hope you can attend Sunday Social this week, even just to “pop in” for a few minutes. I can’t tell you how much fun SS has been for me! If you can’t make it, don’t worry, you can stop by again next week.

The photos featured today were taken in the photogenic farmlands, and river valley of Snohomish, Washington State.

Washington State


Washington State


If you would like to see more of Miles’ photography you can visit his Instagram account.

Have a wonderful weekend readers.♥




Picture Pick FriYAY: Hood Canal, Wa

Hi ladies and gents,

I hope everyone is falling cozily into the season. I’m getting tons of baby snuggles and toddler kisses… as well as meltdowns and projectile vomit. All par for the course right?

Anyway I was going through pictures and found these photos from Miles’ “dude” weekend. Miles and all of his close friends went to Hood Canal  a few weekends ago. Even though it was “guys weekend” it was all very tame (So I’ve been told). So the pictures are all “G” rated. 🙂

*Hi honey I hope you don’t mind me sharing*.

I love the PNW and sharing the beauty that surrounds us.




Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Picture Pick Friyay: More Fall Photos

Yes, we have more fall photos for you guys. I guess we are little obsessed with this time of the year. These were taken in Washington two weeks ago. My son and I visited the local pumpkin patch, and while we were driving there I thought to myself, I need to show Miles these trees so he can photograph them.

I’m crazy about all of Miles’ photography, but there is something about his landscape shots that speak to my soul. Maybe they stand out because landscape photography is his favorite and his passion is reflected in those images.

As soon as he got home for work, I told him, “We are going for a drive.”

Autumn Trees

We packed up the kiddo and the camera gear and off we went. We drove past this tunnel of trees and Miles pulled over. I didn’t even notice this beautiful canopy the first time I drove past. Miles has a great eye.


Does the picture above look like a painting?

Autumn Trees

It started pouring rain, but Miles captured a few more dramatic shots.

Autumn Trees

Autumn Trees

Autumn Trees

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

-Rachel & Miles McKee





Picture Pick FriYAY: Indian Creek, Utah

Miles captured these photos of the Indian Creek, Moab, Utah area while climbing with his buddy in 2009.






Indian Creek

Indian Creek

Indian Creek

Indian Creek

Indian Creek

Indian Creek

Indian Creek

Have a wonderful weekend.

Love & Cheers,

Rachel McKee