Dragon’s Loyalty Award

I was nominated today for the “Dragon’s Loyalty Award” Thank you so much Mystery Date With A Book for the nomination.

The Rules:

  1. Display the Award on your blog.
  2. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Nominate six deserving bloggers.
  4. Write seven interesting facts about yourself.

Six MUCH Deserved Bloggers:

  1. Face First
  2. Chronicles Of A Young Mother
  3. Navigate Your Life
  4. Truly Unplugged
  5. Total Betty Talk
  6. Susan Rushton

Seven “Interesting” Facts About Me


I’m writing a YA novel.



I’m OBSESSED with The Lochness Monster “Nessie”. He is real!!!


I graduated from Western Washington University. Go Vikings!


I love horses.




I secretly entered my husband’s photography into an art contest and he won “Best in Category”.



I’m sneaky *See #5*


I drew the fox card as my spirit animal in a creepy magic shop in Canada. (I agree with the cards, the fox characteristics matched me very well.).

PHOTO: The National Fox Welfare Society said Pudding is too friendly to be released back into the wild.

Martin Hemmington/National Fox Welfare Society

Have a great day!