Sunday Social

Sunday Social is a place to mingle, collaborate, and share our blogs. Sunday Social is one more place where you can share a post that maybe didn’t get as much feedback as you were hoping for. Sunday Social is a place to meet new bloggers.

This weekly post is a “wild card” of sorts. There aren’t many rules but I do ask that you follow a few guidelines.

  • Give honest, constructive feedback, but always be courteous.
  • If someone takes the time to comment on your post, please return the favor and check out their endeavors too.

How do you participate?

It’s very easy.

  • Copy and paste the link to your blog or a specific blog post in the comment section below.
  • Give us a little blurb about your blog, the feedback you are looking for, or if you are just hoping to meet some new blogger buddies.

Voila! That’s it.

See you same time again next week!

If you feel inclined, please re-blog this post to help the party grow.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post those in the comment section as well.

I look forward to reading everyone’s posts.

Cheers! *Clink*


Author: Rachel McKee

I love reading about everything. I'm not a book snob. Lately I have been "reading" a lot of picture books to my toddler and baby. In my past life before motherhood, I was a professional technical editor and writer.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Social”

  1. Hi, Rachel! Thank you again for hosting “Sunday Social”…my latest post came about after reading an article in one of our local newspapers about the plight of the many people in our city who find themselves homeless…it resonated with me so much, the words just flew onto the pages of my notebook! I hope you’ll drop by & say “hello”…

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  2. Hey there everyone!

    First off, thanks to Rachel for such a cool idea!

    Unfortunately, we’re in some heavy weather down here in Alabama. I don’t know if that’s the reason my computer is taking ages and ages to boot up! Plus I’m terribly late…boy I sound like my worst student! :-/. My blog address is:

    My blog is mostly geared towards the writing life with a few extras thrown in, such as my yearly travels to Japan with my dear wife, Sadako. And a few biographical things every now and then. I hope to do more of that.

    I love WordPress because it has become a marvelous roadway to meeting like-minded people who are also incredibly intelligent, sensitive, and full of positive things to say! Now because of the lateness of the hour, I’ll probably do this again next Sunday!

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  3. Hi, everyone! We’ll start with the latest for White Fang (he mostly writes about gaming tips he’s picked up, has an ongoing zombie apocalypse flash fiction series, and throws in some life updates now and then).

    And then here’s the latest from me:

    Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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