Magic Happens


My journey as a writer is an upward hike. There is a hell of a lot of climbing and work, but then I come to a lookout point and I can see the progress and revel in the journey thus far. Those moments are precious and beautiful and a sigh for this writer’s soul.

These outlooks on our artistic journey are much needed.They are the reason we keep trudging forward, so our hearts can soar once again from all that we have accomplished.

The hike of a writer is lonely. Sure, we have fellow-hikers who give a nod of acknowledgment along the way. We see some familiar faces and even a few who stop to motivate us when the climb is too steep, but mostly we wander this trail alone. We push forward alone. Only the writer understands their dream.

I have wanted to give up on my journey so many times. Since I became a stay at home mother and started this blog and began my dream of publishing a novel, I’ve wanted to quite every day. The negative talk works its way into my head, “Nobody cares about your writing. You aren’t a good writer. It’s too hard.”

But something always whispers back, “You’re journey isn’t over yet. The next viewpoint is just ahead. Keep writing.”


-Rachel McKee



Author: Rachel McKee

I love reading about everything. I'm not a book snob. Lately I have been "reading" a lot of picture books to my toddler and baby. In my past life before motherhood, I was a professional technical editor and writer.

15 thoughts on “Magic Happens”

  1. I’m currently in a woodland studio on the wild coast of Vancouver Island, there is a glass of dark red wine on the table and while the rain fell, I wrote. I love your post, your words resonate, reminding me to keep on writing when days go by and I’m asking myself, “Is it worth it?” until one day, a connection or kismet moment will send my spirits soaring, letting me know that each stroke is definitely worth all the toil and trouble!

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  2. Yes you are absolutely right, a writer’s world is a lonely one. But it’s also a peaceful one. I dream of one day quitting the corporate jungle in favour of the writer’s sanctuary. It’s actually a big motivator for working (wealth accumulation), in order to achieve that dream one day. You are already living it… so pls don’t give up!!

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  3. Whoa! What a timely post. I was in BAM yesterday and got so depressed. All those damned books and I thought who in the world will want to read mine? But you are soooo right. We just keep moving forward!

    Thank you, Rachel, for posting the GOOD message!

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