200 Followers: Q&A

Here is the Q&A video celebrating 200 followers on Illuminated Literation. I hope you enjoy hearing the answers to your questions. I had fun writing my response. 

I reorganized the questions depending on topic, so some of your questions may be split up in different sections.

I want to thank the following readers for participating and asking me thoughtful questions:

Fab Writings


The Lily Note Pad

Mystery Date With A Book

The Inked Autist


The Invisible Moth

Casey Fae Hewson

Cool Beans 4

Wind Blown Words

I Am Miradh

A Note To Huguette



While there are many edits I would love to make, life is too busy to nit-pick. There is one that I can’t let slip by. Ben asked, “Is there any work that guides you? Or a particular author?” I said the novel “Infamous” but the novel name is “Infandous” by Elana Arnold.

Here is the link to the blog The Daily Post. Look for their post called Community Pool. It’s a great way to make new blog buddies.

Thank you for your continuous encouragement and support.

Love and Cheers,

Rachel McKee

Author: Rachel McKee

I love reading about everything. I'm not a book snob. Lately I have been "reading" a lot of picture books to my toddler and baby. In my past life before motherhood, I was a professional technical editor and writer.

28 thoughts on “200 Followers: Q&A”

  1. Interesting stuff. Out of curiosity why do you go back and forth on ink? Is it the pain, the permanence of the decision, what? If you ever decide you want to go through with it, I have some general guidelines on my blog. Go to the page “getting your first tattoo.”

    I also did choir all the way through high school and college. Cool we share that in common. We weren’t big enough for a “select” choir and I swear they just kept me around because of my gender and my ability to hit super low notes but it was fun nonetheless. I can carry a tune just fine but I don’t think I have the prettiest sounding voice.

    Which brings up another point: you just totally blew my imaginary voice for you out of the water. I tend to read blogs and such in a tone of voice I would imagine would be close to what the person’s actual voice sounds like. I was nowhere close.

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    1. I hesitate on ink because some days I think it would be awesome, and then other days I’m indifferent. I don’t think I should get a tatoo unless I’m really excited about it for awhile. Fun fact, I also don’t have any piercings.

      I bet your choir teacher loved you for your participation.

      I hope my voice wasn’t a huge let down. LOL. I know what you mean, I imagine a blogger’s voice a certain way and it can be…startling to hear what they actually sound like.

      Thank you for your questions, for viewing the video, and your feedback!


      1. Oh it wasn’t a let down at all. Just different from what I had in my head. I just imagined you having a higher pitched voice than what you actually have. Alas, sometimes I’m spot on, other times I’m nowhere close. FWIW, my most recent ex and I met on Xanga when it was still around and my imaginary voice for her wasn’t anywhere close either!

        Anyway, I understand where you are coming from. I agonize over every detail of my tattoos and I will not proceed unless the sketch the artist does for me is absolutely perfect in my view and even then I’ll wait a bit to make absolutely sure. They don’t wash off and having them lasered off is more painful than getting the tattoo so I make sure this is absolutely what I want before the needles even pierce my skin.

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      2. Totally do check with an artist. Remember a sketch or even getting the stencil on your canvas isn’t a commitment. You can walk out at any time if you decide not to go through with it. You’re not to the point of no return until the needles pierce your skin.

        And I promise you it isn’t as painful as you think. Yes, it hurts somewhat (not going to lie) but it’s bearable. To me the sensation is a lot like a cat scratch.

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      3. Yeah, I totally get you. That’s why you should get the sketch, hang it on your mirror so you look at it every day for some period of time, and then if you still like it go for it. That’s my advice to tattoo virgins and I stick with it. It is a lifetime decision after all and yes, it will fade over time but it’ll always be there nonetheless.

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    2. I have 2 tattoos and had drawings for both ahead of time – the first, it turned out the artist already had something so close to what I had in mind, I went with that… The second I had a basic idea, and the artist tweaked it in a few different ways, and I selected the “tweak” I liked best.

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  2. I enjoyed the video and thank you so much for answering my question…of course I was GLUED to the screen waiting for my blog name to come up! 🙂 You answered my- and all other questions-so well.

    And CONGRATULATIONS on 200 followers. I am certainly glad to be one of them.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Rachel – Congrats on 200 blog followers. Thank you also for including my question in your video. Your advice on blogging was extremely helpful – blog regularly, engage with the community and be caring. Thanks also for mentioning Haven River 🙂

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