I Should Have Mentioned This Sooner…

Hi blogger buddies,

I have been tagged for various awards and nominations that I have not completed. If you have tagged me, I hope that you have not taken offense that these tags have gone unanswered. While I greatly enjoy reading your responses to these prompts, I struggle to find inspiration in completing them.

I’m sorry, I know this is an epic blog-friend failure.

I hope that I don’t sound ungrateful because truly, it means a lot that you thought of Illuminated Literation. I just don’t have any motivation to answer the questions. (I think I might be a horrible interviewee.) I have completed a couple and I may be inspired to complete more in the future, so if you would like to tag me, please feel free. Also, the tags are nice because then I have two notifications that I should check out your awesome responses. That said, I also understand if you don’t want to tag a dud that won’t complete the questions. I just wanted to let my blogger friends know that I am not ignoring your tags, and it’s nothing personal.

Your deadbeat friend,




White columns with perfumed flowers,

surround a sitar player in the night.

The opal moon crosses the ocean,

sneaking up behind her,

shining on the golden leaves that are her hair.

A canary pupil perches on her shoulder,

learning the magical music she creates.

The sitar player is neither woman nor beast,

merely part of the jungle.

This young man is easily enchanted.

Like many before me,

I follow her lure.


-Rachel McKee