One Year

You kicked and squirmed, I shifted uncomfortably and smiled at my big belly.

I sweat, I cried, I pushed, you pulled.

I squeezed my eyes and clenched my teeth, you saw the light for the first time.

We saw each other and we cried.

I pulled you close and you held on tight.

I talked, you nuzzleddrinking your fill.

You cried the first night, I was weak, Daddy’s arms were strong.

I learned, you taught, we got to know each other.

You needed me, I needed sleep, we were tired.

You laughed, and I understood pure joy.

You rolled over and turned my world upside down.

On all fours you moved away from me, and I scrambled to catch up.

In a high-pitch voice you said “Mama” and I came running.

You looked for “Dada” to come home, and I was just as eager.

You pulled yourself up, and I caught you when you fell (almost always).

You went to sleep a baby and woke up a toddler.

You are one. You are smart. You are sweet. You are brave, and we love you.







Author: Rachel McKee

I love reading about everything. I'm not a book snob. Lately I have been "reading" a lot of picture books to my toddler and baby. In my past life before motherhood, I was a professional technical editor and writer.

23 thoughts on “One Year”

    1. I read a lot of books to my baby fifteen years ago. She learned to read before she reached kindergarten! Never had to sound out words. Keep on reading to your baby! Your child’s teachers will thank you later, trust me!

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      1. That is good to hear. I love children’s books so it’s fun for me too. I love watching him get excited about certain pages. Thank you so much commenting!


  1. You have a July baby as well! Mine is going to turn twenty-one next week, so you can well imagine her reaction to ‘baby’! 😀
    Shower your little one with a million kisses and take time to pamper yourself as well, for it’s your day as much as it is his. Happy birthday! ❤ Stay blessed!

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  2. That was a beautiful depiction off the first year! My baby will be a senior in high school this coming year. I know I will be blogging on, where did the time go? Enjoy every moment, for each stage, is precious!

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