Why I Don’t Want to be a Serious Writer


Truth, Fact, and Fiction

Since I’ve been looking into this self-publishing business, I’ve discovered all the things I should be doing to promote my work and myself. The blog, the social media, the “sales funnel.”

In order to succeed at blogging, I have to start getting into photography to produce pretty pictures for my blog. Oh and I have to become a graphic designer to make those pretty pictures prettier. And I have to become a marketing expert to learn how to make proper ads, and take courses. And I need a website. And I have to be serious and treat it like a business. And and and and…

Ugh. Make it stop. Please.

Since when did being a writer become about something other than writing? Except of course, in those incredibly intimidating statements that read something like “unless you have perfect content, nothing you do is going to go anywhere.”

I am a bit of…

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Author: Rachel McKee

I love reading about everything. I'm not a book snob. Lately I have been "reading" a lot of picture books to my toddler and baby. In my past life before motherhood, I was a professional technical editor and writer.

3 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Want to be a Serious Writer”

  1. I love this post! I’m not a writer but I do own a small Etsy shop which I talk about on my blog sometimes, and I can totally relate to this!
    The “experts” say you NEED great photos (ie. great camera and editing software), and you NEED to hire a web designer to get your page/blog up and running, and you NEED to learn about marketing, business plans, email lists… and the list goes on and on!
    Honestly, I just do what I can, when I can. Maybe people should just chill a bit more and enjoy themselves.
    You just keep writing. Worry about the obstacles when they come along 🙂

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